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Win £30 in our November Sport of Kings contest - Saturday's Race

Closes on 26th of November 2022

You can win £30 if you become the Champion Points Scorer in our November Sport of Kings contest which closes on 30th November 2022.

Twice each week between now and 30th November we will be featuring a number of horse races taking part in the UK and Ireland and you have to pick the name of the horse that you think will win.

How to Score Points

You score points if your horse you have selected finishes in the top 3 of a race as follows:

1st place- 6 pts x starting price
2nd place-3 pts x starting price
3rd place- 2 pts x starting price

Where the points calculated is not a whole number it is rounded up to the nearest whole number.

You score no points if your horse does not start the race.

Our scoring system might encourage you to take a punt on an outsider. For example, in one of the races we featured in July My Genghis came home third at odds of 150/1 giving a fantastic score of 300 points.

We will show the starting price and the points scored for the top 3 horses when we show the result of a race.

You can enter each race once a day while it is live on our site up to the day of the race.

Please note that if you enter a particular race more than once a horse can only score one set of points towards your tally and so if you enter a race more than once you should choose different horses.

To help you with your selection you can see the latest form and look out for non-runners for the current race we are featuring at the Racing Post site by clicking here

The overall winner of the £30 cash prize at the end of the competition will be the person who has scored the most points over the course of the contest. In the event of a tie a draw will be held to determine the winner.

We will give you regular updates of the standings so you can see who is leading the competition.

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The result of Wednesday's race and points scored was as follows:

1st Phillapa Sue 10/1 scores 60 pts
2nd Merry Mistress 7/2 scores 11 pts
3rd Bonnie Bresil 9/4 F scores 5 pts

Standings for November contest

The leading scores after Wednesday's race are as follows:

Paula Hicks 268
Leighanne Mitchell 258
Pam Carroll 250
Jacquelyn Burton 244
Patricia Kerr 230
Ronnie Stewart 227
William Cameron 221
Elaine Hardy 213
Geoffrey Hooley 212
Elizabeth Excell 209
Robert Quinton 208
Ian Davidson 204

October contest

The final leading scores in our October contest were as follows with Jonathan Moakes as the overall winner:

Jonathan Moakes 434
Ian Campbell 432
Robert Quinton 415
Ena Dutton 406
Pam Carroll 380
Tim Wickens 375
Elaine Hardy 363

Pick your horse in this Saturday's 3.05pm race at Newbury. You can see the runners and riders and look out for non-runners by clicking here

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