Our competitions > Win £30 in our Guess Who contest - November mystery person number 16

Win £30 in our Guess Who contest - November mystery person number 16

Closes on 25th of November 2022

Pam Carroll was first out of the hat to identify the last mystery person in our November contest, Dan Brown.

You could win a £30 cash prize in our Guess Who contest.

We are asking you to play detective and identify the name of the mystery person from a series of daily clues that we will release.

Between now and the end of this month we will release one clue every day until the mystery person has been correctly identified. Once a mystery person has been solved we will then issue a new series of daily clues for a new mystery person.

The winning entry for each mystery person will be the first correct entry drawn after the end of each day from all correct entries received.

You are allowed one guess per each mystery person every day and so you can return tomorrow for another try.

The overall winner of the £30 cash prize at the end of the month's competition will be the person who has the most individual wins and in the event of a tie a draw will be held to determine the winner of the £30 cash prize.

We will give you regular updates of the daily contest winners so you can see who is leading the competition.

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Current Standings for November contest

TJ Auld, Paul Strange and Deborah Skerten are our current joint leaders with two wins. Elaine Hardy, Linda Rixon, Sally Crawley, Maureen Williams, Wendy Morgan, Annette Duckworth, Paula Hicks, Pam Carroll and Felicity Williams have one win.

October contest winner

Ian Campbell, Deborah Gilbody and Jonathan Moakes tied for first place and Deborah Gilbody was drawn as the overall winner of our October contest.

Here is Clue One to the sixteenth mystery person in this month's contest.

This mystery person was knighted in the 20th century and he died in the 21st century.

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