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Win £25 in our Predict the Thunderball contest - Wednesday's Draw

Closes on 24th of February 2021

You can win £25 if you correctly predict the most Thunderball numbers in the The National Lottery Thunderball draws between now and the end of the month.

The draws are held on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and you can enter each prediction contest once a day while it is live on our site up to the day of the Thunderball draw. You can enter once a day while the contest is live up to the day of the draw.

Please note that if you enter a particular draw more than once only one correct winning number will count towards your tally and so if you enter a draw more than once you should choose different numbers.

The overall winner of the £25 cash prize at the end of the month's competition will be the person who has correctly predicted the most Thunderball numbers and in the event of a tie the winner will be the first to correctly predict a Thunderball in the following month's contest.

We will give you regular updates of the Thunderball draws so you can see who is leading the competition.

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Best of luck !

January contest

There was a tie in the January contest with Mike Terry, Gillian Husband-Major, Julie Alderson and Annette Duckworth each with five correct predictions out of twelve draws. In the play-off on Wednesday all 4 players correctly predicted number 12. Gillian Husband-Major was the winner of our January contest as Gillian was the first of the four to submit the correct answer.

Results and Standings for February contest

The Thunderballs drawn in February were:

2nd 7
3rd 12
5th 9
6th 7
9th 5
10th 9
12th 8
13th 3
16th 3
17th 11
19th 3
20th 6
23rd 14

After thirteen draws in the February contest the current leader is Glyn Yates who has correctly predicted seven Thunderballs. Susan James, Sally Crawley and Deborah Gilbody are in joint second place with five correctly predicted Thunderballs.

Predict the Thunderball to be drawn on Wednesday 24th February.

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