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Congratulations you have won… Imagine the thrill of winning cars, holidays and treats for your family and friends. Lynne Suzanne, author of Win Cars Holidays and Prizes, has won thousands of pounds worth of prizes in competitions, including two cars and worldwide holidays. Entering competitions is an exciting pastime which all the family can enjoy, as Lynne shares her secrets of success with you. Buy Here
Pun-ch Lines Puns and Word Play Ideas for Copywriting, Headlines and Slogans is packed with hundreds of puns, word play and slogan ideas. With 40 topics from animal and pets to wines and spirits, Pun-ch Lines includes tips and hints on writing your own eye-catching slogans. Ideal for copywriters, journalists, advertising agencies, caption writers, comedians and for prizewinning tiebreaker slogans. Buy Here
This invaluable handbook is chockablock full of winning entries and success stories by professional and amateur compers. Step by step, it will lead you through the necessary procedures to make YOU a winner, and join the growing club of people sharing in millions of dollars of cash and prizes every year, enjoying the most exciting and profitable hobby of them all - WINNING CONTESTS. Buy Here
Two highly experienced, award-winning writers and short story competition judges share everything they know about entering, judging and (most importantly) winning short story competitions, in an easy-to-follow Q&A format. Find out: Exactly what the judges are looking for. How the scoring system works. How to score highly in every category. What impresses judges - and what turns them off. How to write exceptional short stories. Which competitions give you the best chance of winning. How to avoid being disqualified. And much more. Also included are two award-winning short stories from Jon Pinnock and Geoff Nelder. Buy Here
What if you could give yourself the very best chances of winning every competition you enter? Imagine a never ending stream of prizes landing on your doorstep. Be the envy of your friends and relatives by winning a new car, cash, an exotic holiday and a whole host of smaller prizes. Many people think that winning competitions is down to pure luck. It isn't. Winners know that there are certain strategies which set them apart from the crowd and drastically increase their chances of success. Win Win Win. Jenny Fortune has been winning competitions for over 15 years and for the first time she shares the secrets of her success. You Willl Learn How to find competitions that not many people enter, How to use social media to give yourself the best chances to win, How to write a winning tie breaker, Making the best use of your comping time, Handy tips and tools for success, Where to find the best competitions. Buy Here
An extraordinary book. The only one you need if you're serious about making money from your writing. -- Keir Nathan Thomas - Editor, journalist and publisher A clear, no-nonsense step-by-step guide containing all the things I wish I had known when I started out. -- Calum Kerr - Director of National Flash Fiction Day and author of Lost Luggage Delightfully readable and full of helpful and sensible advice. This is the book I've been waiting for all my writing life. -- Sue Barnard - Award-winning poet and editor at Crooked Cat Cathy Bryant: "I've won fourteen writing competitions recently, and been runner-up in countless others. I received £300 ($457) for a poem that took me a couple of hours to research and another couple of hours to write, and $250 (£164) for a single sentence of fiction. For a 100-word story, I was sent £350 ($533) and a hamper of breakfast goodies. For a single sentence, I won a trip to Italy. Bundles and boxes of books and other prizes have weighed down my postwoman, and the publicity following one of my wins (that publicity including a radio interview to 700,000 people) sent sales of my first book soaring into profit. It happened for me, and if you use all the information in this book then there's a good chance that it can happen for you too." How to Win Writing Competitions (and Make Money) does exactly what it says on the tin — multiple award-winning poet, short story writer, novelist and brains behind the popular Comps and Calls website Cathy Bryant explains the techniques and tricks that can be used to build-up a collection of writing awards. And aside from the actual rewards you get, including cash, winning competitions can lead to significant career opportunities. Buy Here
Some think winning competitions is a matter of luck, but they're wrong! It takes skill, and this easy-to-use book can teach you those skills. The essential 'how-to' guide for the novice and experienced 'comper' alike, it will equip you with everything you need to know to win everything you've ever dreamed of winning. Every year in Australia billions yes billions of dollars worth of cash and prizes are up for grabs, cash and prizes you could be in the running for! You've seen those little stickers on everything from your tissue box to the cat's dinner and that DVD you rented the other night, almost begging you to try your luck. But if you're like most people once you're done with it you just toss the pack in the bin without a moment's thought. But what are you really throwing away? There are people out there just like you that are flying to tropical islands first class, lazing on pristine beaches sporting their newly-won designer sunnies and tucking in to free a la carte dinners all because they took a second look. Ready to take the challenge? Then How to Win Competitions is the book for you. This easy-to-follow, comprehensive handbook is packed with everything you need to know about entering (and winning!) competitions. Loaded with clever hints, tricks and new ideas this fabulous 'how-to' guide is a must-have for experienced compers and novices alike. There's money and prizes galore out there and they're yours for the taking so get comping and get winning! Buy Here
Ever wished you could have that dream holiday to Barbados or a brand new car? This dream can really be a reality with the magic world of competitions. Competitions are big business and give away thousands of pounds in prizes every day. You too can be one of the lucky ones and all you need to do is to start entering your details into competitions. The majority of competitions will not cost you a penny and could leave you feeling very rich indeed. This book will give you lots of tips on how to get started, where to find the hottest competitions and insight on my previous success from entering competitions. Just think one click and you too could be winning a... Iphone 6 All expenses paid trip to London A trip to Barbados and lots more! Buy Here
a step by step guide to winning competitions, including past winning tie-break answers,company slogans,positive words, rhymes, and lots more. Buy Here
This guide includes everything needed to know about winning prizes in competitions: getting started; how to write a slogan; which competitions to enter; golden rules for competition entrants; pitfalls to be avoided in entering competitions; and most frequently asked questions. Buy Here
Welcome to the world of online comping Welcome to my second book in the “Win Competitions Online” series, a welcome follow on from “Win Competitions Online: A Competitors Guide”. This book is jam packed with even more tips and advice for the fledgling to seasoned comper. I have expanded upon the same format, splitting up the need to know information into meatier but no less juicy, bite sized chunks, just waiting for you to sink your teeth in. You will be given a competitors’ worth of knowledge, tips and advice that are indispensable to any comper, both new and old, as well as an in depth look into the world of comping and the wider market of online gambling. It’s time to take on the house; the doors are wide open, but what will you win? With this UK Edition you can: •Become an expert comper •Get a taste of competitions worldwide •Learn about the promotional marketing industry. Buy Here