Competitors Companion Ladder. (top 100 for now).

The ladder resets on the 1st of every month..

Your points will only update for competitions added after the reset, it's not faulty there will be a few days lag.

Welcome to the leaderboard, to participate you must have your 'Forum/Leaderboard nickname' set in your profile and tick the 'participate' box in your profile, if this box is un-ticked or you have no name set then you will still appear in the list but as an anonymous user.

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  • RankNick NamePoints
  • 🏆volcanopete2037
  • 2Pippin2020
  • 3Media Mikey1998
  • 4miketerry1962
  • 5Aldonza1941
  • 6cirruscloud1907
  • 7rocky road1899
  • 8Dolphyn601843
  • 9Shanners1778
  • 10Pufferfish1743
  • 11WWERTY1721
  • 12caz581716
  • 13thehoo1708
  • 14t1gert1m1569
  • 15ash1540
  • 16arethusa1512
  • 17Trishab1468
  • 18Ukraine321406
  • 19Anonymous1368
  • 20revmadeley1341
  • 21Pink1276
  • 22kc791245
  • 23Shears91206
  • 24Anonymous1171
  • 25majors1141
  • 26honeymoon1108
  • 27Anonymous1105
  • 28Worcester Jack1081
  • 29LynnD1064
  • 30Amethyst 571048
  • 31lizziejayne1048
  • 32Gabilicious1033
  • 33MAGS971
  • 34Anonymous970
  • 35TeddyG917
  • 36Fossy904
  • 37vigournet848
  • 38Vi42838
  • 39Tinkerbell836
  • 40sneb776
  • 41Anonymous775
  • 42dvrwils772
  • 43trishal752
  • 44viki22728
  • 45Creeps726
  • 46Anonymous686
  • 47elvet45@blueyond672
  • 48KINGPIN650
  • 49williamsgwynfa643
  • 50kevincharley643
  • 51Anonymous612
  • 52Anonymous604
  • 53Anonymous604
  • 54Anonymous596
  • 55The Claw593
  • 56Anonymous579
  • 57Anonymous569
  • 58Dynia564
  • 59TonyGee564
  • 60Anonymous546
  • 61jacobtilly543
  • 62Anonymous540
  • 63Anonymous539
  • 64Anonymous532
  • 65Lol528
  • 66mal492
  • 67keefyweefy491
  • 68Anonymous486
  • 69bigal4u484
  • 70maccaman480
  • 71SV46475
  • 72Anonymous468
  • 73Anonymous456
  • 74razzie6444
  • 75jowhitchil@yahoo444
  • 76Anonymous441
  • 77BigE440
  • 78cree440
  • 79Tonly1438
  • 80Anonymous430
  • 81Eno429
  • 82Blackcat425
  • 83NeddyMumford424
  • 84Anonymous424
  • 85JoyE420
  • 86Anonymous420
  • 87Anonymous409
  • 88Anonymous405
  • 89BUSTER404
  • 90Anonymous402
  • 91FerneH400
  • 92PatE400
  • 93Dragonfly63398
  • 94Wightlady394
  • 95Anonymous392
  • 97Anonymous387
  • 98Anonymous380
  • 99Anonymous380
  • 100Pubcat379

How do I earn points?
Well, there are a few ways, and more to come but generally by using Competitors Companion and clicking on things. We're not going to tell you all the ways to earn points but an example is by entering competitions we list.

Can I earn more points?
Yes, upgraded users mostly earn more, in the example above upgraded users earn 4 points while none upgraded users earn 3. The same applies to coins. Upgrade to increase your earning power.

Earn point by referring friends.
Post you referee code and when people use it you'll earn 10 points, visit your profile for your link code.
Referrals are logged, abuse of this link may lead to points being deducted.

Use the Face book 'Like' button in your profile.
This button likes your referral code, so if any of your friends click the link you'll earn 10 points.

Are these points worth anything, what about coins?
Points, no. But as you earn points you also earn coins at the same rate, and coins will be useful for various things, details will be made available soon so keep collecting.

Who's name is bold?
That's you! If the bold name is Anonymous and you want to see your name in the list then visit your profile and make sure you have your 'Forum/Leaderboard nickname' set and 'participate' button checked.

My name is in the list, how very dare you, I want it gone!
Sorry about that, just un-tick the participate check box in your profile and you'll become anonymous.

I only just joined, I'll never get to the top!
Yes that's true, however, we'll probably reset the leaderboard every so often to give you a fighting chance, we may even make a competition out of it. You'll hear it here first I guess.

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