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Closes: 14th Apr 2024
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 14th Apr 2024
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 14th Apr 2024
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➤ Daily Quiz March. Won by L13BYS.
Question: 1: Today is Saint David's Day. What is the name of the Saint who baptised Saint David ?
Answer: Elvis
Question: 2: Jojo's Fish and Chips in Stafford, who operate from a van, were amongst the winners in the National Fish and Chips Awards 2024. Which comedian hosted the ceremony ?
Answer: Rob Beckett
Question: 3: The lady pictured above has sadly died aged 102. What was the name of the firm that she founded with her husband who died in 2015 aged 100 ?
Answer: Old World Weavers
Question: 4: 142 years ago today the first electric tram in Britain ran from which area of London ?
Answer: Leytonstone
Question: 5: At the 2024 Brit Awards who did presenter Roman Kemp encourage to drink out of a shoe ?
Answer: Kylie Minogue
Question: 6: When Gladstone delivered the longest continuous budget speech in British history of over 4 hours what did he drink ?
Answer: Sherry and beaten egg
Question: 7: What is the sum of the interior angles of the shape pictured above ?
Answer: 540 degrees
Question: 8: Pictured is the cast of a popular TV sitcom. Which member of the Monty Python team wrote and sang the theme song of this sitcom ?
Answer: Eric Idle
Question: 9: 65 years ago today the Barbie doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Which one of these women is not one of the eight who have been honoured this week with their own one-of-a-kind Barbie doll ?
Answer: Sophia Loren
Question: 10: What was the name of Mother's non-speaking assistant in the TV series The Avengers ?
Answer: Rhonda
Question: 11: The man who claimed the jewelled golden hare in the popular Treasure Hunt pictured above used the pseudonym of Ken Thomas and sadly he was later found to have won it unfairly. Which famous person witnessed the burial of the hare ?
Answer: Bamber Gascoigne
Question: 12: At this years Oscar ceremony Oppenheimer won 7 Academy Awards. In which of these categories did the film not win an Oscar ?
Answer: Best Actress
Question: 13: 385 years ago today a college, which was founded 3 years earlier, was named after a man who was born in which county ?
Answer: Surrey (John Harvard)
Question: 14: The man pictured above is the Chairman of a Committee of backbench Conservative MPs that meets weekly when the Commons is sitting. In which year was this Committee formed ?
Answer: 1923 (although called The 1922 Committee it was formed in April 1923).
Question: 15: In the latest Great Western Railway TV advert featuring The Famous Five, who provides the voice of Aunt Fanny ?
Answer: Jennifer Saunders
Question: 16: Which town has been named the best place to live in the UK in the 2024 annual guide run by The Sunday Times ?
Answer: North Berwick
Question: 17: The UK's next General Election must be held no later than the day which falls on which of these Dame's next birthday ?
Answer: Jessica Ennis-Hill
Question: 18: The museum pictured above is dedicated to six men who were sentenced to transportation to Australia 190 years ago today. What was the name of the youngest of the six ?
Answer: James Brine
Question: 19: Which one of these Star Wars vehicles is not one of the four featured on coins to be released by the Royal Mint this year ?
Answer: Wookiee ornithopter
Question: 20: Which one of these films does not have in its cast an actor who also played an incarnation of Doctor Who ?
Answer: Doctor in Trouble (1970)
Question: 21: The bust pictured, located in Seattle, USA, is that of a composer whose works include a piece of music composed in 1875 which is associated with which English theme park ?
Answer: Alton Towers
Question: 22: A male, whose name starts with Y, and a female, whose name starts with N, of a highly threatened species, have just arrived at a zoo for the first time in the zoo's 93 year-old history. How old are the new arrivals ?
Answer: Just over 18 months
Question: 23: What was the name of the Royal Navy frigate in a radio sitcom which ran from 1959 to 1977 and whose cast included Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips and Ronnie Barker ?
Answer: HMS Troutbridge
Question: 24: Last week saw the emotional final TV appearance of The Hairy Bikers due to the passing of Dave Myers last month. Where did the Bikers travel to in their final episode together ?
Answer: Devon and Dorset
Question: 25: What is the name of the whisky enjoyed by the Captain and the dog who are in the picture above ?
Answer: Loch Lomond
Question: 26: After this Easter who is set to retire after 30 years of pleasing the visitors at Warwick Castle ?
Answer: Ernie
Question: 27: 153 years ago today the first international rugby match took place with Scotland beating England. How many minutes were played in each half ?
Answer: 50
Question: 28: A total of how many men and women will receive Maundy money from Queen Camilla at Worcester Cathedral today ?
Answer: 150
Question: 29: Which of these actors did not appear in the film pictured above ?
Answer: Natalie Wood
Question: 30: The builder who promoted British Summer Time in the early 20th century and who is remembered by a memorial sundial in London, was a great-great-grandfather of the lead singer of which band ?
Answer: Coldplay
Question: 31: In the lyrics of a famous song from the film pictured above a couple are the pride of what ?
Answer: The tennis courts