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Closes: 18th Jan 2021
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➤ Daily Quiz December. Won by Anonymous.
Question: 1: On Christmas Eve 1986 a radio adaptation of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot's Christmas was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Which actor played Hercule Poirot in this radio adaptation ?
Answer: Peter Sallis
Question: 2: Where did the Queen and Prince Philip spend Christmas in 1988 ?
Answer: Sandringham
Question: 3: The man pictured above had a Christmas number one record in the 1970s. Which former British Prime Minister selected it as one of his 8 favourite records when he took part in Desert Island Discs ?
Answer: David Cameron
Question: 4: Felix Summerly was the pseudonym used by a man when writing a number of children's books. He was also an inventor and which item associated with Christmas did he introduce ?
Answer: Christmas card
Question: 5: Which of these famous people was not born on Christmas Eve ?
Answer: Chris Kamara
Question: 6: The Frenchman pictured above wrote the words to a poem called Minuit, chrétiens. When set to music the English translation came to be known as which Christmas Carol ?
Answer: O Holy Night
Question: 7: Peter Allis,the voice of golf, has sadly died at the age of 89. How heavy did he weigh when he was born in Berlin in 1931 ?
Answer: 14lb 11oz,
Question: 8: Previews of the new musical Cinderella are due to begin on 30 April 2021 at which London theatre ?
Answer: Gillian Lynne Theatre
Question: 9: What is the first name of the nurse who yesterday gave the first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in the world following the trials ?
Answer: May
Question: 10: The record pictured above peaked at which number in the UK singles charts ?
Answer: 3
Question: 11: 18 astronauts who will travel to the Moon under the Artemis programme have been announced by NASA. Which of the following astronauts included in the 18 was born in Europe ?
Answer: Jasmin Moghbeli
Question: 12: Which of these films did Dame Barbara Windsor not appear in ?
Answer: Carry On Loving
Question: 13: An actor who was born in Australia appeared in the 1970s TV series UFO and his voice can be heard in the 1968 film Thunderbird 6. He also provided the voice for a puppet character in the 1969 TV series The Secret Service. The puppet for that character was the same puppet that had been used for which other Gerry and Sylvia Anderson character ?
Answer: Captain Scarlet
Question: 14: A giant annual Christmas display of which type of animal has been burnt down in most years in a Swedish city since it first appeared in 1966 ?
Answer: Goat
Question: 15: In the 1991 film pictured above which late comedian played the title role ?
Answer: Mel Smith
Question: 16: If a partridge is three and French hens are five, what are ten ?
Answer: Maids a milking (8 in the song plus 2)
Question: 17: Which of these Oscar-winning actors appeared in the 1987 Two Ronnies Christmas Special ?
Answer: Charlton Heston
Question: 18: The lady pictured above was a 19th century poet and hymnwriter. Which of the following did she not write the words for ?
Answer: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Question: 19: This actor was born in London and died in California. His credits include a 1970s episode of Columbo, a 1990s film involving the pursuit of a rodent and a 1970s sci-fi thriller based on a Michael Crichton novel. What was the actor's surname ?
Answer: Christmas
Question: 20: 74 years ago today a popular Christmas film was first released. In that film which character was played by an actress who had the first name of a South American country ?
Answer: Mrs Martini
Question: 21: Which of the actors described below did not appear in the classic film pictured above ?
Answer: Actor who was knighted in 1992 who appeared in a number of Doctor films based on novels by Richard Gordon
Question: 22: Which of these pop groups has not had a Christmas Number One in the UK singles charts ?
Answer: ABBA
Question: 23: According to listeners of BBC Radio 2 which film has this month been voted the favourite Christmas film of all time ?
Answer: It's A Wonderful Life
Question: 24: Which of these people did not appear in the film pictured above ?
Answer: John Candy
Question: 25: The actress who plays the title role in the film pictured above, which is released in the USA today, was born in which country ?
Answer: Israel
Question: 26: The man who was on the cover of Time magazine on 19th July 1948 was mainly associated with aviation, but separately what is he credited with designing ?
Answer: Steel bra
Question: 27: Which of these five words scores the most points ouy of the five in an English game of scrabble ?
Answer: Quiz
Question: 28: The road pictured above is in London and bears the name of a Queen. A blue plaque can be seen at house number 27 in recognition of which famous person who used to live there ?
Answer: Rudolf Nureyev
Question: 29: What is next in the sequence of Polo,Basketball,Volleyball,.....?
Answer: Netball
Question: 30: 104 years ago today the man pictured above was murdered. In the 1970s which group had a hit record about the man which reached number 2 in the UK singles chart ?
Answer: Boney M.
Question: 31: What was the name of the TV programme presented by Andy Stewart and traditionally shown on New Year's Eve between 1957 and 1968 ?
Answer: The White Heather Club