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Closes: 24th Jun 2021
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Closes: 24th Jun 2021
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 24th Jun 2021
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 24th Jun 2021
Site: competitorscompanion.com
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➤ Win your Pet on a Tee by Hettistitch ! Won by Amethyst 57.
➤ Daily Quiz May. Won by KINGPIN.
Question: 1: 170 years ago today Queen Victoria opened a famous Exhibition. Which of these famous people did not attend that Exhibition at some point ?
Answer: Samuel Morse
Question: 2: The building pictured above was opened 90 years ago yesterday. What is the current price of an adult ticket for visiting the 102nd and 86th floor observatories ?
Answer: $75
Question: 3: As part of the recent Captain Tom Moore 100 challenge who ate 100 maltesers ?
Answer: Dame Judi Dench
Question: 4: The actor who played the character who was revealed as H in the TV hit series Line of Duty supports which Midlands football team ?
Answer: Aston Villa
Question: 5: The stamp pictured above is expected to be sold for around £10 million when it goes up for auction this summer. What was the nationality of the schoolboy who, in 1873, discovered the stamp while going through his late uncle’s papers ?
Answer: Scottish
Question: 6: What was the maiden name of the mother of the person who is the subject of the photo shown above ?
Answer: Moon
Question: 7: What is the occupation of the winning candidate in the Hartlepool by-election ?
Answer: Farmer
Question: 8: Which gold medallist from the Summer Olympics is training with Britain's bobsleigh squad to try to compete at next year's Winter Olympics ?
Answer: Greg Rutherford
Question: 9: Which board game was inspired by something that the man pictured above did 350 years ago today ?
Answer: Outrage!
Question: 10: What word does the letter W stand for on the product pictured above ?
Answer: Water
Question: 11: Which popular biscuit was originally called the Creola ?
Answer: Bourbon
Question: 12: Which one of these ships was the first to successfully circumnavigate the world, returning in 1522 ?
Answer: Victoria
Question: 13: The man pictured above won a prestigious music award for British Male Solo Artist on Tuesday this week. Which of the following singers has not been a previous winner of that same award ?
Answer: Lewis Capaldi
Question: 14: The band pictured above came to prominence in 1974 when they won the Eurovision Song Contest held in Brighton representing Sweden. Which country won the contest held in the previous year ?
Answer: Luxembourg
Question: 15: Which one of these famous people does not celebrate their birthday today ?
Answer: Olly Murs
Question: 16: Which one of the following statements relating to the novel pictured above is entirely true ?
Answer: It provides the first mention in a novel of the village of St. Mary Mead
Question: 17: Which of the following is an angaram of the name of the person considered to be the architect of the pyramid pictured above ?
Answer: Time Hop
Question: 18: Which one of these inventions was not named after its inventor ?
Answer: Meccano
Question: 19: What was the surname of the Harlem Globetrotter who was born in 1932 and was ordained as a Christian Minister in 1986 ?
Answer: Lemon
Question: 20: Which one of these famous people did not die while at sea ?
Answer: Christopher Columbus
Question: 21: In 2012 what type of animal was named after the husband of the lady pictured above ?
Answer: Frog
Question: 22: Which one of the following countries has a song in this year's Eurovision Song Contest Final that is not sung in the English language ?
Answer: Albania
Question: 23: The UK entry came last with nil points in yesterday's Eurovision Song Contest. Who delivered the votes of the UK jury in the contest ?
Answer: Amanda Holden
Question: 24: 177 years ago today Samuel Morse demonstrated the Telegraph with a biblical quotation from which book ?
Answer: Numbers
Question: 25: The man pictured above ran every day without a break for over how many years ?
Answer: 52
Question: 26: Which one of these is a fictional London Underground station ?
Answer: Hobbs End
Question: 27: It has been confirmed that a female giant tortoise that was found on the Galapagos Islands in 2019 is from a species that scientists thought had been extinct for more than a century. What name was given to the tortoise by her discoverers ?
Answer: Fern
Question: 28: What was the former occupation of the musician on the far-right in the picture above who was the front man of the 1960s band in the picture ?
Answer: Policeman
Question: 29: Which of the Marx brothers had a middle name in memory of another Marx brother who died when he was still an infant ?
Answer: Zeppo
Question: 30: In 1971 by what aggregate score did Chelsea Football Club beat the Luxembourg side Jeunesse Hautcharage over two legs in the European Cup Winners' Cup ?
Answer: 21-0
Question: 31: The designer of the wedding dress worn by Carrie Symonds for her marriage to Boris Johnson was born in which European country ?
Answer: Germany