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Closes: 25th Sep 2020
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Closes: 25th Sep 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 25th Sep 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 25th Sep 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 25th Sep 2020
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➤ Daily Quiz August. Won by Kenco.
Question: 1: 127 years ago today Henry Perky patented which breakfast cereal ?
Answer: Shredded Wheat
Question: 2: Which star of silent films was also an accomplished ten-pin bowler who in 1940 scored a perfect score of 300 ?
Answer: Harold Lloyd
Question: 3: Danny and Sandy have decided to have a meal today at the Greasy Spoon, a pub participating in the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. Sandy orders a steak with a normal price of £15, apple pie and cream with a normal price of £3 and an orange juice with a normal price of £3 while Danny orders beef burger and chips with a normal price of £11, ice cream with a normal price of £3 and a pint of Guinness with a normal price of £5. If Danny settles the bill for the two meals how much will he have to pay after the Eat Out to Help Out discount ?
Answer: £22.50
Question: 4: The actor who played the character commemorated by the above statue also narrated which TV series ?
Answer: Mr. Men
Question: 5: In which of these Agatha Christie novels does the character of Captain Arthur Hastings not appear ?
Answer: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Question: 6: What is the name given to a rotating tray placed on a table to help to distribute food ?
Answer: Lazy Susan,
Question: 7: Which American inventor painted the portrait of the second President of the United States pictured above ?
Answer: Samuel Morse
Question: 8: Which celebrity once represented Newnham College, Cambridge on University Challenge and claims to have been one of the first people to have uttered the F-word on British TV ?
Answer: Miriam Margolyes
Question: 9: Which of these Apollo astroanauts, who flew to the moon but did not land on it, was born in Europe ?
Answer: Michael Collins
Question: 10: This man, who once played the role of a murderer in an episode of Columbo, was given the name J.R. before his surname when he was born. He died in the same year as his second wife and his step-daughter. What was the first name of the man's mother ?
Answer: Carrie
Question: 11: 78 years ago today which actress, along with an American composer, received a patent for a frequency hopping communication system ?
Answer: Hedy Lamarr
Question: 12: Which of the following famous dogs was the same breed as the one pictured above ?
Answer: Greyfriars Bobby
Question: 13: In a TV series first shown over 50 years ago in which county is there a house with a large rodent and a housekeeper called Ada ?
Answer: Dorset
Question: 14: Last year bones were found which are believed to belong to a new species of dinosaur that was up to 13 feet long and lived about 115 million years ago. On which island were the bones discovered ?
Answer: Isle of Wight
Question: 15: Which of the following operas is not attributable to the men pictured above ?
Answer: Rigoletto
Question: 16: Who currently has the Twitter name of @RAFRed1 ?
Answer: Martin Pert
Question: 17: Which of these events happened first?
Answer: Ian Fleming published his first James Bond novel
Question: 18: The owner of the cat remembered by the statue pictured above was born in which city ?
Answer: Lichfield
Question: 19: Actor Ben Cross, who played Harold Abrahams in Chariots of Fire, has sadly died at the age of 72. In 1984 he appeared in a commercial with the then 87 year-old Jackson Scholz who came second to Harold Abrahams in the 100m in the 1924 Olympics. What was the commercial advertising ?
Answer: American Express
Question: 20: In a 1980s TV soap opera featuring Larry Lamb and Kate O'Mara the ferry sailed from Felixstowe to which European city ?
Answer: Gothenburg
Question: 21: 109 years ago today which famous painting was stolen by an Italian thief who died on his 44th birthday ?
Answer: Mona Lisa
Question: 22: The actress who played the mother of Bobby in the film pictured above was married to which British writer ?
Answer: Roald Dahl
Question: 23: Which one of these is not the name of a horse that has won the Hickstead Derby ?
Answer: Columbus
Question: 24: Which of the following brothers are well-known for their association with landscape gardening ?
Answer: Rich brothers
Question: 25: Which one of these songs by the Beatles reached number one in the UK singles charts ?
Answer: From Me to You
Question: 26: The Hotel Jerome in Colorado opened in 1889 and its celebrity guests have included Gary Cooper and John Wayne. What is the name of the cocktail that was invented there ?
Answer: Aspen Crud
Question: 27: The actor who played the son of a divorcee played by the man pictured above in a TV sitcom can currently be seen in which TV soap ?
Answer: Emmerdale
Question: 28: Which of these is the name of a pattern created by Clarice Cliff ?
Answer: Honolulu
Question: 29: Chadwick Boseman, who has sadly died aged 43, attended which British drama school ?
Answer: British American Drama Academy
Question: 30: If Gray was Black and White who was Green ?
Answer: Grant (in Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons)
Question: 31: According to his website musician Marc Arciero is also known as who ?
Answer: Archie