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Win gold with Treasure Hunt #1.

Closes on 30th of December 2049

The Treasure Hunt is an intriguing challenge where you can find a prize by solving a number of clues.

Our prize for our first treasure hunt is a 2014 gold sovereign made by The Royal Mint !

You can solve the treasure hunt from the comfort of your armchair and so you do not need to physically dig up the treasure to win the prize.

We will be releasing a series of clues over time and the first person to find the exact location that is hidden within the clues will win the prize.

The Treasure Hunt will close as soon as someone has found the treasure.

You do not need to be an upgraded member of Competitors Companion to enter the Treasure Hunt but upgraded members will receive future clues a week earlier than non-upgraded members.

We will publish a form for you to submit a solution when we have released enough clues for you to give your answer. Please be careful before you submit your answer as only one attempt per person will be allowed.

Will you be the first to find the treasure ?

To make a claim use the contact form on this website.

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Competitors Companion standard terms apply. - Competition ID: 231