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Win Saturday's Lotto Jackpot all to yourself !

Closes on 28th of May 2022

You can win the Lotto jackpot all to yourself to be drawn on Saturday 28th May. We have bought 5 entries for the draw. These entries are shown below but we have hidden one number of each line to stop anyone copying the numbers!

If any of our entries wins a prize of any monetary value (not including a lucky dip prize for 2 numbers) we will hold a random draw between all members who have submitted correct answers and one of those members will be lucky enough to walk away with all of the money won with the 5 entries. The winner will win this money all to themselves without having to share it.

To enter you need to submit the correct answer to the question below.

Hurry because entries can only be accepted until shortly before the draw on Saturday.

You can enter once a day for the time that the competition is live and the more times you enter correctly the greater your chance of being drawn as the winner.

Best of luck!

A 02 08 12 23 28 ?
B ? 23 28 42 45 48
C 11 18 ? 42 53 55
D 03 08 10 ? 45 47
E ? 27 31 34 52 55

Well done to all those who got the correct answer to the last competition of Cluedo. Sorry, no win this time.

Comedian Bob Hope was born in London with which first name ?

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