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Competitors Companion Conundrum - Here is the solution !

Closes on 22nd of May 2021

We hope you enjoyed our Conundrum. None of the entries had the correct solution but we will be running another Conundrum soon and we will make the next one a little easier to crack.

So here is the solution and you effectively have to break a code to find it. You find the answer from the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the months of the year that they cover with January being 1, February being 2 etc.

The answers together with the months that they cover were as follows:

Leo 7 and 8
Scorpio 10 and 11
Aries 3 and 4
Virgo 8 and 9
Pisces 2 and 3
Capricorn 12 and 1
Gemini 5 and 6
Aquarius 1 and 2
Cancer 6 and 7
Taurus 4 and 5
Saggitarius 11 and 12
Libra 9 and 10

You then use the two numbers to find a letter in each of the riddle where the second number is the position of the word in the riddle and the first number is the position of the letter in that word.

Therefore, for Leo we want the 7th letter in the 8th word of the riddle and for Scorpio we need the 10th letter in the 11th word in the riddle, and so on. Solving all 12 riddles gives us the letters
Y N F B Y L N E N E T E.

Finally we have to rearrange the letters to find the solution. To do this we have to use the usual order of the signs of the Zodiac where Aries comes first, Taurus comes second and so on. This gives us the letters which spell out the solution which is a Derbyshire village called


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